Experience a culinary voyage of discovery in our Indian restaurant in Utrecht

We are Taste of India, an authentic Indian restaurant in the centre of Utrecht. A visit to our restaurant is the complete Indian experience: the exuberant scents of the many herbs and spices that meet you as soon as you enter, the complex flavours of our fresh curry dishes and the Oriental interior that immediately immerses you in an Indian atmosphere.

Our restaurant opened its doors on 14 July 2021 in one of Utrecht’s most beautiful spots on Oudegracht 153. A true ‘fata morgana’ is how our guests describe the interior of our restaurant in this Utrecht wharf cellar, full of warm colours, gold tones and other oriental elements. For a moment, you’ll completely forget that you are in Utrecht.

Add to that the cooking skills of our chefs, Rakesh and Rajmohan, and a taste of a truly Indian experience within the heart of Utrecht is complete. Our experienced chefs have worked for many years in various restaurants in India. They know the rich traditions of multifaceted Indian cuisine. Now, together, they cook the most delicious authentic curries, biryanis and tandoori dishes at Taste of India in Utrecht.

Indian cuisine is extremely varied, with different dishes in every region. One thing all these dishes have in common: they are full of fresh herbs and aromatic spices, which combine to produce those uniquely Indian scents and flavours. Like the well-known spice blend garam masala, a fragrant mix of cardamom, cloves, cumin, cinnamon, black pepper, and nutmeg.

At Taste of India, our chefs always roast, grind, and mix these blends themselves for the ultimate Indian flavour experience. Our dishes are prepared à la minute, allowing us to cater to special dietary requirements. Of course, we only use fresh ingredients. In addition, all meat on our menu is halal.

Are you a vegetarian or vegan? Not to worry, you will have a wide choice of varied, traditional Indian dishes at Taste of India.

You will find our Indian restaurant in the centre of Utrecht, in one of the city’s most beautiful spots in a historic wharf cellar on Oudegracht. Upon entering, you will see a long corridor with a bar on the right and an open kitchen and dining area near the end. Inside, we have room for 60 diners. In addition, we have a lovely waterside terrace with 36 seats.

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Discover the diverse cuisines of North and South India

Our chefs, Rakesh and Rajmohan, worked for years in restaurants in the capital Delhi. In this gigantic Indian metropolis, all the culinary influences of the country come together. They brought all that knowledge and experience – and of course, their love for Indian cuisine – to the kitchen at Taste of India.

Our restaurant has an open kitchen, where you can see (and smell!) for yourself how Rakesh and Rajmohan prepare all the dishes. Our menu features dishes from both North and South India. Our knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to suggest dishes.

For instance, why not try the chicken lababdar, a new item on our varied menu. This North Indian creamy curry with chicken, paprika, maize, and butter is quite unique on menus of Indian restaurants in the Netherlands.

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Our Indian restaurant’s unique location in the centre of Utrecht

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Discover the authentic cuisine of our Indian restaurant in the centre of Utrecht, located in a historic wharf cellar on the famous Oudegracht canal.

The story behind Taste of India, an Indian restaurant in the centre of Utrecht

Taste of India started as a dream of two friends to open their own restaurant. That opportunity presented itself in the spring of 2021, one year after the pandemic began. On Oudegracht, in the heart of Utrecht, the two were able to acquire a restaurant.

A unique opportunity: the restaurant is located inside a historic wharf cellar on the canal in the city centre. The friends got to work and transformed the wharf cellar into Taste of India. Since then, one has veered off into a new life direction while the other runs the restaurant, supported by an excellent staff team.

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About chefs Rakesh & Rajmohan

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Hi! I’m Rakesh, born in Uttrakhand, in the north of India. After getting my hotel management degree, I worked in the kitchens of several hotels in Delhi, Bangalore and Jaipur.

At Taste of India, I am responsible for the tandoori oven (both meat and naan) and for preparing our delicious curries.

Taste of India Utrecht - kok

My name is Rajmohan. I was born in Uttrakhand, India, and I have a degree in Hotel Management & Cooking Operation. I’ve worked at several restaurants in Delhi as a Chef.

My speciality is Indian curry and tandoori, which I hope to prepare for you soon at Taste of India.